Capture One Stream Deck Plugin

Quick Capture One Actions

Capture One from Your Fingertips

Control Capture One from the tap of a button on your Stream Deck.

Don’t worry about memorizing shortcuts, just tap a button and be on your way. Plus, as a bonus, you can do everything without Capture One being the frontmost application (no more opening Photoshop’s preferences by mistake).

Lots of Actions

The plugin includes more than 10 actions, with more on the way, many of which can be configured for even more unique combinations.

  • Adjust camera settings
  • Capture with current camera
  • Reset capture counter
  • Move capture folder between favorites
  • Change image selection
  • Set color tags
  • Toggle live view
  • Process selected variants
  • Reset the crop
  • Set the capture name
  • Toggle between sorting by color tag and date
  • Set the star rating