Lost Cause Photographic is run by Emory Dunn, a digital tech with over 5 years of experience on commercial photography sets.

We work in studio and on location, in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, or anywhere a photo needs to be shot or video needs to be captured.

Digital Capture

In the studio or on location, we are ready for all of your capture needs. We’re always testing the latest software and tools to help deliver the best production possible.

On-Set Compositing & Retouching

Our digital technicians are experts in compositing and retouching on-the-fly to help bring your creative vision into reality before wrapping the shot. Whether a comp needs to be sent off-site for approval or simply giving the digital artists a map for the final image, on-set retouching is an essential part of any workflow.

Workflow and Automation

Lost Cause Photo can help optimize your workflow with anything from a small AppleScript to a full-blown macOS or iOS application. Leveraging automation can make your workflow less error-prone and improve the consistency of your imagery.